aayush pg
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November 24, 2017
Creative campus
Creative Campus
October 12, 2017

I write. And then I know a thing or two or may be three, four, five, about Digital Marketing and Branding. And then I also know a thing or two about customer relationship management and business operations.

I have been doing all the above stuffs since last 3 years and have been employed by 2 Web Development/IT companies
during these 3 years.

I also know a thing or two or three about ecommerce and running ecommerce businesses. And then I know how to build basic and dynamic websites. I have worked for clients across the globe and have helped them build SEO friendly websites and get better rankings on search engines. Branding has been in my DNA and I have been helping clients regarding branding and how to create a brand instead of mere business.

Pursuing MBA from IGNOU. Done with Bachelors of Commerce. Life is good!

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