5 BEST WORDPRESS ECOMMERCE PLUGINS COMPARED – 2017 5 Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins Compared – 2017

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Are you looking to build an online store? Want to know which is the best WordPress eCommerce plugin? Choosing the right eCommerce plugin is crucial for your business because a better platform means more opportunity for growth. In this article, we will compare 5 best WordPress eCommerce plugins for 2017.

What to Look in a WordPress eCommerce Plugin for Your Site?

There are plenty of WordPress eCommerce plugins in the market. But not all of them have the essential set of features you would need to start your eCommerce site.

Some eCommerce plugins are good for selling digital goods like eBooks, photos, music, etc. While others are better suited for selling physical goods that need shipping and inventory management. There are also eCommerce plugins that are good at both of them.

You need to choose a plugin depending on what you will be selling and what kind of features you would need to efficiently run your online store.

Next, you need to consider which payment gateways you will utilize to accept payments. Make sure that the plugin you choose supports those payment gateways by default or through addons.

Your eCommerce plugin will not come with a theme. You would need to see that the plugin you choose has themes that work with the plugin. See our guide on how to choose the perfect WordPress theme.

It is impossible for an eCommerce plugin to have all the features. Most of them solve this problem by addon plugins. These addons extend the functionality of your eCommerce plugin. Make sure that there are enough addon plugins to connect your WordPress eCommerce website with other services.

Last but not the least, you need to see what kind of support options are available for the plugin. Even if you will be hiring a developer to work on your site, you would still need help from time to time. Make sure that the plugin has a support system where you can get help.

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